Tuesday, May 16, 2006

IF - Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons.....
Kids are often thought of as little angels or little demons...
Nah, too easy.
Competeing sports teams?....
Nah, too much research, I'm not into sports.
They're on opposite sides. One's from all the way up there.
The other's from all the way down there.
So where would they meet?
Oh, I got it. In the lobby waiting for their elevator to take them up or down to their office.
So then what do they do while they wait for the elevator to arrive?
battle- no, they're civilized. After all each one is just doing his job after all.
So while they wait they chat a bit.
What do they chat about? I don't know. that's why the balloons are empty.
Why don't you help me out and suggest what they might be saying.
Keep it clean, they are civilized after all.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

IF - Under the Sea

Carl was an adventurous Cucumber who one New Years Eve made a resolution to do, eat, drink, or buy everything he could think of that started or sounded like the letter C.
That's why we find him in his current situation.
Deep Sea diving with a carp while looking for coral, crabs, and other crustaecians.
Little does he know that he's run into a Carnivorous Crappie who made just the same resolution 2 years earlier.
And is now about to clean his pallet with a nice crunchie cucumber and carp snack.