Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here he is "The Red Eye"
And another idea...

A devil may care match.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

IF-Super Hero

I knew that it would be hard not to draw a super hero for this weeks topic.
Since I already drew the XMen for the Phoenix topic a couple of weeks back, I decided to draw a super hero character that we created on a recent trip to Virginia.
On nights when we would stay at a hotel I would put the two boys to bed with a story of "Super Baby Emma"
She was of course based on their then 6 month old sister who thought it was great fun to be held up and fly around as I used her to tell the story. She was featured in stories like, "Diaper Delimma", The Binky Burgalar", and "Poo Poo to you."

This image show's her being held up to fly and what she might be imagining.
I believe I'll color it with markers and colored pencils, but I don't know if I'll have time to this week.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

IF - The 80's

I know this isn'tt exactly what the subject was supposed to inspire me to draw, but my brain doesn't seem to function like most others.
This image shows what kids here in the Mid West like to do when the tempurature reaches "The 80's". degrees that is.
This rough image was concieved and finished in less than an hour because today is Thursday, and because the paper was cut wrong for a book illustration job that I am just starting.
I just wanted to see if the marker was going to bleed on the paper - it did slightly- and how it would take the colored pencil.

I had originally planned on drawing an 80's band who's members are all in their 80's, or what life would be like when I reach my 80's in the year 2050 or so.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

IF - Buzz

Well, I went for the obvious bug theme this time, but I did put a twist on it.
You're looking at Buzzster McBeef and two members of his Buzz Bombers Gang. The Spanish Fly Bros.
They are carrying future members of the gang.
Buzzster is kind of inspired by Paul Sr. from American Choppers.
The Spanish Flys are inspired by ads in those magazines my Dad seemed to lose in the most curious places. I did my best to find them all for him. Though he didn't seem to pleased when I announced to everyone in the room that I had found another one as I returned it to him.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IF - Phoenix


Being an artist who read X-Men comics during the whole Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga I naturally thought of her when I checked to see what this weeks word was.
Of course I couldn't just draw the character Phoenix, that would be too easy.
I started thinking about her and the mythological creature that inspired her name/powers and the part that stuck with me was the "rebirth from the ashes" thing.
So that got me to thinking about birth, what do people do to celebrate birth? They throw a party. Well what would happen if this was the umpteenth time you were reborn? What would the atmosphere be like in the School for Gifted Youngsters if this was Phoenix's umpteenth "first" birthday? Would they be happy? I don't believe they were when she was reborn in the comic. They called her Dark Phoenix for a reason.
So the image above is the result of that thinking. The only one happy seems to be Kurt and thats because he likes cake.