Thursday, January 18, 2007

IF - The 80's

I know this isn'tt exactly what the subject was supposed to inspire me to draw, but my brain doesn't seem to function like most others.
This image shows what kids here in the Mid West like to do when the tempurature reaches "The 80's". degrees that is.
This rough image was concieved and finished in less than an hour because today is Thursday, and because the paper was cut wrong for a book illustration job that I am just starting.
I just wanted to see if the marker was going to bleed on the paper - it did slightly- and how it would take the colored pencil.

I had originally planned on drawing an 80's band who's members are all in their 80's, or what life would be like when I reach my 80's in the year 2050 or so.


Brine Blank said...

Great expression on the terrier and nice overall comp!

Michelle Lana said...

aww...they're so them!

julie crews said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! How refreshing to see someone drawing outside the box. You have a very fluid style. I am trying to become more fluid in my painting right now. Thanks for posting your soon-to-be-cooled-off-kids.

MiJa said...

What refreshing fun! Great work!

Cedric said...

Great sketch! Brings back memories. The hair on that kid with the hose is totally eighties.