Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IF - Phoenix


Being an artist who read X-Men comics during the whole Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga I naturally thought of her when I checked to see what this weeks word was.
Of course I couldn't just draw the character Phoenix, that would be too easy.
I started thinking about her and the mythological creature that inspired her name/powers and the part that stuck with me was the "rebirth from the ashes" thing.
So that got me to thinking about birth, what do people do to celebrate birth? They throw a party. Well what would happen if this was the umpteenth time you were reborn? What would the atmosphere be like in the School for Gifted Youngsters if this was Phoenix's umpteenth "first" birthday? Would they be happy? I don't believe they were when she was reborn in the comic. They called her Dark Phoenix for a reason.
So the image above is the result of that thinking. The only one happy seems to be Kurt and thats because he likes cake.


Michelle Lana said...

Heheh...very nice! I love it- love your idea :)

Pati @-;-- said...

lol clever and funny :D

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