Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IF-Insect 2

This is another sketchbook page.
It was drawn with a Bic pen over several sessions at several different places.
My goal is to make sure I do an original sketch or painting each week for the IF site.
That's why I've posted 2 this week. The first on was an old image that I posted because I was very busy with a client job that looked like it might never end.. So I didn't think I'd have time to do an original piece.


m.b said...

This is amazing! Just beautiful! I love the detail and wonder about the story behind it (even if it wasn't created with one in mind). Nicely done!!

wynlen said...

Great characters!

Debra Cooper said...

I truely love your style of characters! Done in ball point pen with such accuracy is amazing.

Manuela said...

love this :D I think I saw your portfolio on SCBWI :D
I think this is the one I like more :D not sure yet, I'm going to check :D