Saturday, December 16, 2006

IF -Help

This weeks IF topic - Help.
Like most people my first thought was to draw someone in a situation where they needed help. No too easy.
My next thought was a situation where someone is helping another person. Still too easy
My next thought was a sitation where someone is getting help they don't want. Better, I'll start there.
Then I got hungry and went to Mc Burger King where they seem to employ people who could care less if you're there or not.
That's when the idea for this drawing was born.


HARDWAX said...

I went for the first easy one, but i like your idea-so funny and beautiful caricatures. Excellent stuff!

Pati @-;-- said...

Great idea, Robert... I've been down there, behind that little boy :s

jillustration said...

wheee! I love it when people come up with really clever illustrations that really sum up the idea. good work.

Jeannette said...

Awesome! I hate when you're not getting your $1.50 worth of service! And think, those guys are making a good $7.25USD!! ;)

Nice drawing style, too!


Michelle Lana said...

great drawings you have here!

penelope said...

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