Friday, August 08, 2008


It's almost impossible not to think of magic when you see or hear the word Poof.
So I started thinking about ways to do it without a rabbit and a hat.
For some unexplainable reason the Immaculate Conception came to mind.
Magically making a woman pregnant is a pretty good poof moment, I think.
My experience in coming up with titles for giftware figurines has led me to the practice of substituting one word for another that kind of sounds the same.
So I swapped out Conception with Confection and all of a sudden I had a woman who's belly had to turn into food.
I had to look up what a confection was in a cook book, because I wasn't sure what one was exactly. I knew it was some kind of dessert, but what kind?
The book had a recipe for some fancy strawberries. My mind automatically saw the stem as an "outie" so I had my idea and the drawing below is the result....

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