Saturday, September 10, 2011

Painted window art

This is the window art that I painted for Locks of Fun in Valparaiso Indiana.
They asked me to combine two of the drawings that I sent them.
If you find yourself downtown in Valpo go take a look at it in person.
Locks of Love is on Lincolnway across from the Centier bank.
If you know of anyone around the Valpo area, who would like to have their window painted let them know about me, or me about them.
My info can be found at my website

Close up of the scarecrow.
I enjoyed painting the window.
The hardest part is thinking backwards when painting.
Meaning I had to paint the highlights and shadows before the main body colors.

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Ronald Miller said...

It looks very cute! This will attract lots of children, which is good for the shop. By the way, do they change these designs depending on the mood or season? That would be great. Hmm, I wonder what idea they’d come up with for the Christmas season. They’ve done that, haven’t they?