Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Simple Simon

Simple Simon
By Robert Snyder

Simple Simon met a pie man on the street.
He said,"You look good enough to eat."
The pie man replied,"I'm all sour inside. You wouldn't like me at all."
"But you smell like cherry or some kind of berry treat."
So Simon pulled out his fork and his knife and ended the pie man's life
as he gobbled up his innards so sweet.
He ate the filling, the crust, and all until all that was left were his feet.


Stephen said...

great work! i love that fork.


Tony Sarrecchia said...

Very cool. I love your style.

butterfly said...

simple simon is very cool:)

Ellen said...

Tee Hee!!! Simply funtastic work!

wynlen said...

Great illustration and poem!