Thursday, March 04, 2010

New work

About this time last week an old client reconnected with me to do some work, a new client job got the go ahead, and some map work needed to be finished up.
Here's a bit of what the old client wanted.

There are more projects in the works with this client which is nice.

Here's a bit of what the new client wanted. It's waiting for final approval.

The client is in New Zealand so I can put a pin in that country and a mark it off my list.

The map stuff I can't show you. There aren't really any characters in it anyway.

For all 3 clients I do the work using a combination of hand drawing the rough and then pasting it into Adobe Illustrator and using it as a guide to draw the final art.
You'll notice that I have used two different approaches in the way the art is created for each client.
For the older client I used a soft blended approach without outlines.
There's a lot of gradient mesh use in that image.

The image of the girl is a flat approach using outlines. Kind of like a gouache painting.
I really have to push myself in both approaches to try to create volume in the art.
I'm not going for realism, but I don't want it to look flat like cut paper.
I like the way the girls hair is looking.

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