Thursday, February 18, 2010

Val girl revisions - 2/18/2010

I have revised the line art for this image again after receiving some comments from the Picture Book Doodlers blog...

and from the scbwi web site.

You'll notice that I added letters to the two cats mouths and a wrapped dog bone at the feet of the dog.
I decided to keep the Bull Terrier. I like him because of the shape he makes.
I added the texture to the image, a gate - I kept it closed so that I didn't have to introduce any perspective into the image, and some additional greenery to create a bit of foreground.
The line art makes everything look like it's on the same plane right now.
I will be making sure that the background elements fall back in the painting process.
My next step will be to paint a wash of pink over the entire image.
I will probably use watercolor to do it.
I say probably because I saw a technique in a book today where the artist rubbed an even wash of color over her image using pastel and then went back in and removed the pastel in areas that needed to be lighter, then she sealed it with fixative and painted over the image with watercolor and acrylic to achieve the final art.
I might try the pastel.
I will be achieving the final art by painting with watercolor and gouache.

Yesterday I worked on the under painting.
I decided to use watercolor for the underpainting because I already had the materials.
I would have had to go out to buy the right color(s) of pastel if I went with it.
As you can see I have an overall pink wash.
Then I went back in and added yellow to the sky, fencepost caps, and her scarf.

The next step will be to spray it with fixative and then start painting with more watercolor and then gouache for opaque detail.
I usually go back in at the end and do some color outlining.

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