Monday, February 08, 2010

Fox with marshmallow

For this image I took the rough sketch from my sketchbook...

and placed it into an Adobe Illustrator file on it's own layer.
I set the scan to multiply.
Then I made a new layer underneath so that I could draw the fox and still see the rough art over the top of what I was drawing.
This is the result.

My original intention was to take this Illustrator image into Photoshop and add texture to it.
I played with it a little bit but didn't like the way it was going so I stopped.
The image looks a bit unbalanced to me. I think it could use something down at the bottom left to strengthen the pyramid composition.
I am considering adding his bag of marshmallows on the ground or maybe a small critter who is sharing his disappointment. I'm not sure yet.
Opinions are welcome.

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