Wednesday, February 03, 2010

5 eyed monster

Here's the latest inked piece of art.
This was originally drawn in my sketchbook for Illustration Friday.
My goal was to draw 3 monsters that read as one monster until you started to really look at the drawing.

I think this one would be better with some color.
The monsters are very white. I didn't want to get too heavy with the fur. I was concerned it would become hard to read.
I used a combination of tech pen and brush and ink on bristol board.

I have started sketching some ideas for new art....
My wife has said that I am making too many complicated/detailed drawings lately.
I should do some simpler art. "People ooh and aah over it."
I can see what she means, so I am sketching up some simpler ideas to work on.
Here are a few that I sketched out yesterday.

This one is to add more people to my samples.
The girl is outside giving a letter to the mail bird to deliver.

I think I'll do this one in Black & White and also in Color.

This one was inspired by one of Aesop's Fables, The Fox and the Grapes.

I believe this one will also be in Black & White and also Color.

This one is the simplest of the 3.
He's just a dressed up fox holding something.
He was inspired by the art in the Fable book.

I believe I will "ink" this one in Adobe Illustrator. And then do a color version using Illustrator also and then take it into Photoshop to play around with texturing it.

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