Monday, August 24, 2009

Bird Book roughs

So far in my career as an Illustrator I've always had clients tell me what they needed from me as far as the art goes.
I'll continue to do that. I like to do that.
Lately I have been experiencing some "creative dissatisfaction" with the career.
I used to like to write a bit but never thought I was good at it. I'm not the type to let that stop me,
so I've decided to take some initiative and start creating projects for my illustrations.
I know my current limitations so the first one won't be the next Harry Potter. It will be a basic board book.

It's a color book featuring birds.
Each bird would have a 2 page spread.
The idea is to take the red bird and paint it in a monochromatic red scheme.
The green bird in a monochromatic green scheme, and so on, and so on.
So here's what I have for the first go round of roughs.

Red bird.

He'll be skipping down the sidewalk next to the street, probably with a picket fence in the far background.

Orange bird.

He'll be floating in the water. Maybe a fish will be jumping out of the water to make that upper right space more interesting.

Yellow bird.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5373736644698331522" />
He'll be playing with a couple of yo-yos that will replace the O's in the word Yo-Yo. I don't know what his background will be yet.

Green bird.

This one's self explanatory.

Blue bird.

Option A

He's sitting on a stump in the Bayou singing his heart out.

Option B

Same thing, different bird.

Purple bird.

Option A

He's jamming on the piano. Think Jerry Lee Lewis.

Option B

He's painting a portrait, I know he's painting grapes right now, like Picasso.

Brown bird.

This one will be a bakers kitchen scene.

Black bird.

He's catching the baseball out onn the field.

White bird.

I know this one is repetition. I need to think of something else for him to do that starts with a W.

The final art will be painted in a combination of watercolor, gouache, and possibly colored pencil.

That's what I have so far.
Your feed back/comments are welcome.

A few questions...

1. Are the birds interesting enough.
2. Are the pages too crowded. Laid out well?
3. Is one character enough per page?


Carla said...

It's all very wonderful! Since White Bird likes the waves you could put him on a surf board.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Your illustrations are the best! WOW!!! How awesome and and fun! I'm so glad that you have joined us over at Watercolor Wednesdays. I look forward to your first post. I wanted to come by and say, "Hello and welcome." You are the first guy we have ever had to join us and I hope that you will not be the last. We promise to take good care of you hee he he! Welcome to you once again!