Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My Flat Stanley

This weeks IF word is unfold.
I submitted the art from the previous post, the map guy, because he was unfolding his map to see where he was going.
I was able to post it early in the week so I still had time to think about the word of the week.
I was in the book store a few days back and I saw that the character "Flat Stanley" was in some new books.
He had a new look, so I started thinking that I could do my take on the character for the word unfold.
I figured he could fold up and mail himself to different places and unfold when the letter was opened.

The line art...

and the color...

It was painted with watercolors on illustration board, and then colored pencil was added for shading.
Below is a close up to show the use of the colored pencil better.

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