Tuesday, August 04, 2009

IF - Modify - The Dragon's Treat

This weeks IF word is MODIFY.

What you are looking at is the use of a treat to Modify the Dragons attitude so that he will be helpful.

It's painted with gouache and watercolor on illustration board.
I've decided that I like watercolor board better.
The illustration board surface gets rough when a lot of water is used.

July 24 2009- I received some more comments from the SCBWI forum and made changes to the image and went to tight line art.

Next is to start to figure out the color.
I plan on doing a color wash over the whole image with watercolor and then going in with gouache to do the rest of the color.
After that I'll probably go back over the line work and give it more variation.

July 23 2009- Ok, I have reworked the rough after receiving comments from the SCBWI forum boards.
Here it is.

I made the image space larger to give the dragon some breathing space and show more of the balloon.
I also added in the tail.

July 22 2009- This is my rough for another possible portfolio piece.
It's a boy and his grandma feeding a dragon his favorite treat...Oreo cookies.
Grandma's got a purse full of them. I think I'll have some sugar packets and stuff falling out of the purse as well.
I'm still trying to decide if the dragon will be a boy or girl.

I know it's really rough, but if you see anything that stands out as "wrong" or have an idea that will enhance the work, let me know.

Depending on how this turns out, I just might use the grandma and boy as the focus of the next batch of drawings.
I think I'll add a little dog as well.


Kim said...

Wow! This is such a fun piece!
I love the details and colors.

thedoodlegirl said...

Whimsical and so fun to look at! Fun to see your sketches, too.

Anwar said...

I admit that the reason I came here was because of the cookies in your IF thumbnail. That being said, this illustration is AWESOME! There's so much detail, and the colors are fantastic. I also love how you showed the progress from lines to finished product.

Robert Snyder said...


I specifficaly chose that section because I knew that it would be hard for a lot of people to resist chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks for the comments y'all.

Mighty Kwan said...

You changed em from Oreos to Chocolate Chips!! Mmmmmmmm!! LOL! Nice job on this Robert! Thank you so much for showing us your process!!

Indigene said...

What an amazing process and fabulous finished product. Thanks for sharing this!

toƱito avalos said...

Great illustration!This dragon is very fantastic.
Regards of Peru!

Shirley said...

I love seeing the process...so this is a wonderful post - glad to have discovered your work! Really great final piece. Did you choose to do choc. chip vs. Oreo to steer away from brands, or was it more of a universal cookie (the choc. chip)...either way, it would've worked wonderfully.